Who are we, what do we want?

Bike4fun is a family-run business for cycling tours that we have created for people who prefer and appreciate active recreation, nature, cycling and alien landscapes. We believe that best way to turning off and relaxing in a green hills can be rolled on two wheels and in good company. The silence of the countryside, the smell of meadows, the backdrop of hills and mountains, the whisk of the wheel on the asphalt – you don’t need no more!

Our adventure has two components, both of which have been running for years. The love of cycling has been brought from our childhood and has been continuously cultivated over the past 20 years. At first, we walked along the mountain paths with mountenbike, and then with a highway bicycle we used to surf the roads for thousands of kilometers. We have been trekking for tours as a tourist for many years on foot or by bike. Our favorite is Tuscany, there are no edges we would not have visited in recent years many times. We walked through the bicycle roads several times.

What do we offer? Organize active, bicycle tourism where you can get all the services you need: active, sporty activities, beautiful landscapes, better-than-average accommodation, fine drinks, meals. You only need to spend the energy you need to make the experience complete. Overcoming obstacles, in the beautiful scenery and in the good company you will be satisfied with your satisfaction.

As we have started as a family business, we want to grow gradually. In the first years we concentrate on two areas: from April to June and from September to August, we offer Tyrol and Umbria (Italy), part of June, July and August the routes of the Austrian and Italian Alps (Dolomites, Villach, Salzkammergut).

We hope that we have aroused your interest and are with you!

On this page you can find all information about us (pictures 🙂

A szerzőről

55. évem pedálját taposom, a bike4fun vállalkozás vezetője, túravezetője vagyok. Hobbim a munkám. Szabadidőmben tekerek és / vagy a családdal vagyok.